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Samsung confirms shortage of the Galaxy Z Flip in Germany

The Galaxy Z Flip seems to have exceeded Samsung's sales expectations, at least in some parts of the world including the US and it seems like the same happened in Germany.

The launch of the Galaxy Z Flip was scheduled for today - Friday 21.02.2020. If you have been looking forward to getting one, well you may be out of luck. You aren't the only one missing out; even many tech reviewers have been unable to get their hands on a retail unit of the Z Flip.

According to an official press release by Samsung Germany, the Galaxy Z Flip has been sold out due to the unexpected demand in Germany. The press release also mentions a preliminary restock date of February 24th.

Since we ordered one during the Galaxy Unpacked Event we have now been informed that the new delivery date is expected to be March 3rd. We also contacted Media Markt in Munich one of the biggest electronics retailers in Germany and they confirmed that they did not have any idea when they will receive the Galaxy Z Flip in their retail stores. On their website, the “new” official date is 6 weeks from now.

Have you been able to get your hands on a Galaxy Z Flip in Germany? We would love to hear from you.

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