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Microsoft Surface Book 3 could arrive in Spring 2020!

When Microsoft announced a set of new devices last year, everyone was waiting for a new Surface Book to emerge. In fact, we were hoping that the Surface Book 3 would be announced as it is due a major overhaul.

Wait no longer as Microsoft is set to announce the Surface Book 3 at an event in New York City, around spring time this year. According to Brad Sames of Petri the company will also announce the Surface Go 2. He also states that we should not expect a major design overhaul for either product, instead anticipating slight external modifications and major internal updates.

On one hand understandable on the other hand slightly disappointing if this should be the case. I was taken by the Surface Pro X this year in terms of design and where the future of these products lie.

On the inside, Sam’s sources claim the Book 3 will 10th Gen Intel processors and 16-series Nvidia GTX GPUs; if this is the case than it is disappointing that there are no plans for 20-series RTX cards. However, the 15-inch model might support prosumer Quadro graphics, aimed more at data scientists than creators and gamers. He also expects to see the maximum RAM to go up to 32GB, and for a 1TB SSD to be available too.

The Go 2, meanwhile, will likely stick to a Pentium Gold or low-end Core M chip.

To round it all up, we might see the second generation of the Surface Headphones which I love.

As well as Surface Earbuds which is a neat addition to the current line up.

If you are planning to buy any of those products, it may be worth sticking it out for another couple of months.

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