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Blink if you can

17 years of misery - 17 years behind the iron curtain - 17 years growing up in East Berlin.

The communist house of horror was feared by many. 1989 this barbaric structure collapsed with 180.000 full time secret agents out of a job and 600.000 unofficial informants to be revealed. 

What if one man accidentally had access to classified information that no one wanted to ever see again? Information that could ruin the life of thousands of former Stasi agents and their families? Information that could reveal uncomfortable connections between east and west. 


How far would you go to destroy your arch enemies?


Based on real events, JP grew up in East Berlin, his dad taken by Stasi Agents at night. Tortured and broken in the most notorious political prison in Berlin, his family viciously ripped apart, believing he would never see his dad again. 17 years in East Berlin, supported by the communist state to be the next gold metal cyclist, his journey was encouraged with steroids, disguised as Vitamin C, given to him at the age of 10. Molded from an athlete to a killing machine in army camps at the age of 14.


1989 the wall came down, the time has come to unravel 17 years of misery, divulging secrets that are better disposed of…until now.

How Beat Street Changed My Life

Coming in 2019


1985 - Beat Street was the first and only Hip Hop Movie shown in Theatres in East Berlin. The Government intended to showcase how capitalism oppresses minorities with little hope for their future. This movie created an unseen movement of Hip Hop culture behind the iron curtain. Mums sewing trousers out of garments to imitate what we watched on screen - improvised but original. Stasi and Police unsure how to deal with this improvisation and secret break dance competitions. For us - it was an inspiration on life, ironically we were also oppressed by our communist government.