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28-28 Berlin

 the ultimate inside to East Berlin

Based on Real Events below is an extract from my new book " Blink If You Can"

The communist house of horrors, decaying grey concrete watchtowers, surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards. East Berlin – Hohenschönhausen, the most feared of the state security penitentiaries. For 28 years people disappeared in East Berlin, no reason, removed from routine life, day or night. Only to wake up on the cold concrete floor of a prison cell, detained, beaten and drugged. Stasi jail, governed exclusively by the East German state security. 250,000 estimated political prisoners, families viciously ripped apart, their desire killed to live beyond that which happened to them. Saturday, March 17th 1984 the invisible monster that is the Stasi picked up my dad and began their deliberate and complete psychological destruction of him in the communist house of horrors.


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28 Years the Berlin Wall Stood, all 87 miles of it. Over 5,000 people attempted to flee, resulting in a death toll range between 136-200. Years in which people vanished for speaking their minds, families and friends sliced apart.

28 Years the Berlin Wall fallen all 87 miles of it. Bringing families back together, democracy and personal freedom. 17 years I was part of a socialist system, unwittingly.

28 Years ago, East German socialism died with the fall of the Berlin Wall.  2018 is a significant milestone of 28 - 28. The year 2018 will be remembered by pictures before and after the fall of this monster.

The Actual Prison in Berlin


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How Beat Street Changed My Life

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